This machine is definitely trustworthy, practical and promptly ready.

The ideal solution for high class video production, the retractable landing gear allows the camera operator 360° panoramic movement without obstruction. 

The 7 km range high resolution HF video feedback provides quality monitoring to the director.

This drone is certified to fly over urban environments thanks to its integrated system packing two safety parachutes and redundant sensors.


  •  1 or 2 operators 

  • Maximum speed : 94km/h 

  • Autonomy : approximately 20 min per flight 

  • Total flying weight : 4,3 kg 

  • Maximum take off altitude : 5000m 

  • Working temperatures : -20°C to +40°C 

  • Maximum wind : 40km/h 

24, 35, 50 & 75mm (F2.8)

Prime Lenses - DL Mount

Zenmuse X7 / Super 35 Sensor

6K / 4K / DNG RAW / PRORES 4444 XQ / 422 HQ

This camera displays an excellent video quality, similar to ARRI’s Alexa and RED cameras. It is also equipped with an outstanding stabilisation system providing perfectly stable shots in every conditions.

We have a series of 24, 35, 50 and 75mm F2.8 prime lenses allowing very diverse shots : following vehicles, establishing shots, comedy…

The drone’s onboard SSD drive allows RAW and PRORES video recording up to 4.4 Gbps, providing maximum freedom to post-production. 


  • Triple axis gyro-stabilisation

  • 24 Mpix Super 35 sensor 

  • 14 stops High dynamic range

  • 400 ISO native sensitivity 

  • D-LOG “flat” profile

  • RAW 14 Bits / PRORES 10 Bits

  • 24, 35, 50 and 75mm Prime Lenses

DJI X7 - A camera tailored for high end productions.

With its Super 35 sensor, 6K resolution and extended dynamic range, the X7 provides high quality pictures similar to cameras used on film sets (ARRI Alexa, RED Helium, Dragon or Gemini). 

Its ability to record non-compressed RAW files and its D-LOG profile allow uncompromised colour grading.  




This light and compact drone is perfect for indoor flights or to reach hard-access decors. The Phantom 4 Pro+ (and all the equipment required to use it properly) fits in a backpack, easy to carry around. A single operator can simultaneously pilot and operate the camera on this machine certified to fly in a urban environment.


  • Single operator

  • Maximum speed : 72 km/h

  • Autonomy : approximately 30 min per flight

  • Total flying weight : 1.4 kg

  • Maximum wind : 30 km/h

  • 4k camera @ 24, 25, 50p or 60p (H264 or H265)

  • 24 mm lens

  • 20 Mpix 1 inch CMOS Sensor

  • Triple axis gyro-stabilisation

Our drones are certified by the Civil Aviation Administration (DGAC) and covered with an international liability insurance. 

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