Co-founder / Drone pilot / Cinematographer


With a 10 years filming experience, I specialised in drone shooting in 2013, building my own machine first. 


In 2014, I dove deep in the documentary world with Arte’s movie “Lengguru, The Lost World” by Mona Lisa Productions, in charge of drone operations, shooting on a scientific expedition through the heart of the Indonesian jungle.


I am particularly fond of this field of work and these kinds of shooting today, very specific, as much in their construction as in the richness provided by field encounters. I experienced it again shooting “Everest Green” for Block 8 Production, on a two months camp around Mount Everest. 


In addition to my drone specialisation, I keep working on the ground as a cinematographer with Sony cameras -among others- (FS7, FS5, A7S) and as an assistant if necessary.


Co-founder / Drone pilot / Cinematographer


I had been flying aerial machines and working as camera operator for 15 years when the idea of combining both qualifications and proposing aerial shots came up to me. 


In 2009, I started paying attention to the first multi-copters able to carry cameras and decided to specialize in this innovative technique enabling the filming of incredible pictures.  


I then joined a structure as a pilot. This experience allowed me to collaborate to hundreds of fictions, documentaries, advertising and corporate film shootings.


I now get to enjoy the variety of encounters and experiences coming along with this activity and constantly explore new methods to create outstanding pictures.



Freelance Cinematographer / Drone Operator


Freelance Cinematographer / Drone Operator

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